The Martyrs from Bani Hashim

The Promise of extending protection to the Holy Prophet (S) and his religion "Islam which was made by Hazrat Abutalib in the very beginning, its evidence can be seen in every period and era of history. whenever Islam was faced with heavy onslaught it was the sons of Abutalib (A) who stood as an unflinchable shield and stoically bore the brunt of all sorts of catastrophes and calamities including the deaths and exiles but did not budged from safegaurding Islam. Who would be unaware of the sacrifices of Hazrat Ali (A) and Hazrat Jaffer-e-Tayyar (A) in the initial stages of Islam? They were always ahead in every field in every arena eveready to sacrifice themselves in the cause of Islam. They were true sons of Abu Talib and real image of his selfless services. Even in Karbala at many places the examples of Abu Talib's sacrifice and dedications can be seen. In the epoch-making event of Karbala whoever from Bani-Hashim had the privilege of attaining the much coveted martyrdom was a flower from the garden of Abi Talib. Following is a brief mention of these flowers. Today wherever the name of Islam has survived it is the fruits of their sacrifices. The Garden of Islam owes its freshness to these flowers. This fact should be born in mind that it is a gist of study and not a research work hence there may be difference in their order & number.

If linear graph of any of the above martyrs may be drawn then certainly it will conclude on the name of Hazrat Abu Talib (A).

Ali bin Hussain (Ali Akbar)

When the guardians of the light of Imamat i.e. the companions and friends of Imam (A) sincerely sacrificed their lives then came the turn of kith and kin of Imam to make their share of sacrifices The foremost among them who entered into the arena of martyrdom was the son of Imam Hussain (A) who was yet in his teens and who possessed a remarkable resemblance to the person of the holy prophet (S) namely Hazrat Ali bin Hussain Ali Akbar (A). Hazrat Ali Akbar (A) possessed enviable merits from maternal as well as paternal side. From paternal side it is well known while his maternal grandfather was Janab Urwah bin Masud Saqafi who was regarded as one of the four leaders of Islam. The holy prophet (S) sometimes named him 'Owner of Yasin' sometimes the like of Hazrat Isa (A) and sometimes 'the leader of Islam' (Usuadul Ghaba vol I pg 19) / Nafsul mahmum pg-307)

When he desired to leave for the battle field the women folk surrounded him a pall of gloom descended on them, their hopes were crumbling, their helper was bidding them adieu, they all were wailing 'Have mercy on our helplessness. Your separation is unbearable for us. Hazrat Ali Akbar (A) came out of his tent and climbed on the horse of Imam Hussain (A) named 'Lahaq'. At this sight tears rolled down the cheeks of Imam Hussain (A) moistening his beard. He raised his hands for prayers:

"O lord be a witness against this people that a youth is leaving who was resembling the Holy Prophet (S) most ... whenever I was desirous of seeing the holy prophet (S) I looked at him ..."

In the battlefield a Yazidi soldier addressed him thus:

"You are related to Yazid. Think about this relation If you wish we can grant amnesty to you" He retorted "It is more necessary to think about the relation with the Holy Prophet (S)" (Maqatalul Muqarram pg.311)

Note: This thinking was prevalent in every age and era that personal relation and closeness was preferred over religion.

He recited war ode thus:

"I am Ali, the son of Husain bin Ali By the house of Allah we are nearer to the Prophet "

Then he attacked ferociously sometimes at the right wing and with same ferocity pounced on left wing. Whoever confronted him perished, he despatch 120 persons to Hell ... when the thirst became severely intense he rushed to his compassionate father who on seeing his thirst stricken son, He could not control his tears and consoled him by saying "Your grandfather the Holy Prophet (S) will quench your thirst " .

Saying this he gave his tongue in his mouth then placed his ring on his tongue Hazrat Ali Akbar returned in the battlefield and even in such a debilitating thirst he killed two hundred more enemies. Murrah bin Munqad abdi said "let the sins of whole Arab be upon my shoulders if I do not make his mother sorrowful " He smote the spear on his back and struck sword on his head. A wedge appeared in his head and he hung his hands around the neck of his horse . The horse went towards terai, there the enemies assailed him with sword and chopped his body in pieces .

He called aloud "O father accept my salam, my grandfather the Holy Prophet (S) is fetching me water and says the same is ready for you"

Imam Hussain (A) reached on the mutilated corpse of his teenage son and threw himself upon him, placed his cheek upon his and said

"Life after you is meaningless, So audacious they are regarding God, how daringly they have trampled the dignity of the Holy Prophet (S). It is unbearable for your father and grandfather that you seek help from them and they could not help you..." Then he filled his cupped-up palm with the sacred blood of Hazrat Ali Akbar(A) and threw it towards the sky, from which not a single drop returned back. He could not stop the stream of flowing tears, gave a call to the children from his camp and with their help took the corpse in his tent.

After seeing the blood-smeared corpse of such a beautiful youth even the women-folk could not contain their grief and started beating their heads and chests and tearing their hairs out of sorrow. Janabe Zainab (A) was at the forefront, she flung herself upon the body and wept bitterly.

According to the narration of Tabari and Khwarizmi all the women were so aggrieved that they left their tents and came out, it was obvious since their grief was really inconsolable.

Abdullah bin Muslim

After this Janab Abdullah bin Muslim stepped into the battlefield, he was paternally related to Janab Aqil (A) and maternally related to Hazrat Ali (A). He made many fierce attacks. Yazid bin Reqaad Al-Jahni targeted an arrow towards him, he tried to thwart the arrow with his hand but the shot was so powerful that the arrow passed through the hand and pierced the forehead, while his hand also got stuck with the arrow. Despite his consistent efforts he could not release his hand. He invoked God "O Lord be a witness that they thought us weak and considered us degraded. Kill them the way they killed us."

Yet he was praying when a wretched soldier hit a spear on his chest because of which he lost his balance on the horse and fell on the ground.

The sons of Janabe Jafar and Aqil

After this the sons of Janabe Jafar and Aqil came in the arena of death one after the another for the protection of the Imam of their time and beloved of the Holy Prophet (S) and made their sacrifices.

Later Aun bin Abdullah and Mohammed Bin Abdullah came in the battlefield turn by turn and fought gallantly.

When Abdur Rehman bin Aqil came on the scene he recited this war-ode:

"I am the son of Aqil know my position I am a descendant of Hashim the heights of veracity The peak of greatness He is Hussain the great The chief of youths of paradise"

Then came his brother Jafar bin Aqil and said,

"I am a Talebi and Abtahi youth. This Hussain is the purest of pure"

After that Abdullah bin Aqil came in the battle field and kept fighting until he was badly bruised and battered and collapsed on the ground. Usman bin khalid Tamimi killed him.

The sons of Imam Hassan (A)

AbuBakr bin Hassan who was also known Abdullah Akbar came in the battlefield and laid his life for the cause of lmam (A).

Then proceeded Qasim bin Hassan when Imam Hussain (A) saw him he embraced him and shed tears they both wept profusely. He advanced towards the battlefield in a very strange attire, He had a sword in his hand and a mere robe on the body even one of his slippers was broken.

Precisely speaking he neither wore an armour nor war boots. Despite such lack of war preparations he was so desirous of martyrdom and so charged with courage that his gait never staggered nor did his hands quiver. The majority of adversaries could not scare him a bit and he recited the war-ode thus

"If you all do not know me, then I am the son of Hassan, the son of the Holy prophet (S) This Hussain has been rendered helpless by you. You have also deprived him of water."

In another war ode he said,

"I am Qasim, a decendant of Ali by Kaaba, We are nearest to the Holy Prophet. Shimr and Ibne Ziyad are very far from him".

Hamid bin Muslim narrates that such a youth came in battlefield who seemed to be a shining piece of moon and he was faced with the stoned hearted men Amr bin Sa'ad bin Nafil Al azdi who attacked from all sides and started narrowing the siege. Hamid bin Muslim asked Amr

"What are you upto? What do you want to do with this young man? What is the need of so many soldiers?"

He replied "I will make a heavy onslaught" and he dealt heavy blow on Qasim's head because of which he fell on the ground on his face and gave a call "O Uncle" When Imam Hussain (A) heard this he rushed towards him and attacked, Amr tried to ward off the attack by hand and lost his hand in the process, he shrieked so loudly that the whole troop came to his rescue.

When the dust settled - Imam Hussain (A) was near Qasim who due to extreme pain was rubbing his heels. Imam Hussain (A) was reciting the elegy

"It is so difficult for your uncle that you call him and he could not reply and when he reached you, could not help you. Alas ! the enemies are more in number and helpers are so few".

Imam Husain (A) lifted him in his hands while his head was on his shoulders and his feet was dragging on the ground. Imam Husain (A) laid him down by the side of Ali Akbar.

The Sons of Hazrat Ali Bin Abi Talib (A)

When Bani Hashim were embracing martyrdom one after the another, Hazrat Abbas addressed his brothers thus

"Dear brothers go ahead and defend your master and leader and see that do not leave your position unless you are not killed"

After this the brothers of Abbas came on the front and faced death turn by turn.

Abdullah bin Ali was killed by Hani bin Sabit Hazran. According to Ibn Shahr Ashob, When Jaafar bin Ali came on the front Khuli Asbahi shot such an arrow which hit his eye or on forehead because of which he fell from the horse. Then came Usman bin Ali again who was hit by arrow by Khuli Asbahi due to which he fell on the ground and a man from Bani Waraam killed him ( Hazrat Ali (A) named him after one of the beloved companions of the Holy Prophet (S), Usman bin Maazun, who was a great man, used to fast at day time and was worshipping at night. He was first to be buried at Jannatui Baqi. According to Shaikh Abbas Qummi after his death the Holy Prophet (S) kissed him. Hazrat Abu Fazl al Abbas (A)

It needs quite an amount of courage to write about him. How to write about him who was a beloved brother of Hussain, source of solace for Zainab, centre of hope for the womenfolk, the standard bearer of the troop. He was so handsome that He was named Qamar-e-bani Hashim (The moon of Hashmite Clan) He was physically so strong that while astride on horse his feet were not contained in stirrup rather they touch the ground, his bravery was so phenomenal that the multitude of enemy's army could not frighten him or even bother him to the least.

The martyrdom of near and dear ones, separation of brothers and nephews and above all loneliness of Imam Husain (A) was unbearable for him. The cries of "OH THIRST, OH THIRST' mincing the heart. He wished to take leave from Imam (A) so that he can sacrifice himself for the Imam of the time. On the other hand Hazrat Abbas (A) was an invaluable asset for Imam Husain(A). His name itself was enough to send the shivers down the spine of the enemies it meant a spell of permanent fear for the enemies and assurance for the womenfolk. When he expressed his desire to leave. Imam Husain (A) replied

"O brother you are the standard bearer of my army, solace of my heart and sign of my troop."

He requested again

"I had enough of these hypocrites and I want to take revenge "

Imam (A) finally agreed and said "Go and fetch some water for the children"

Hazrat Abbas (A) came on the front. He admonished them and warned them of chastisement of Hell but of no avail (Here is a point to ponder that in such circumstances where blood thirsty enemies can be seen everywhere, Hazrat Abbas (A) was advising them, calling them towards God, warning them about hereafter. Which shows that reformation of an enemy is more preferable then exacting revenge from him. Really how large hearted Ahlul Bayt (A) were! How much concerned they were about the reformation of others, not for a single moment they gave preference to personal benefit over religion. One more thing becomes clear that they always performed their duties of advice and admonition and preaching and propagation. If it produced any effect then nothing like it otherwise they fulfilled their responsibilities. He turned towards Umre Saad and said :

"He is Hussain, the son of the Holy Prophet's (S) daughter. You slaughtered his companion and relatives His near ones are thirsty. Give them water. Their hearts are roasted due to thirst. Despite of it he is saying that leave me, I will quit Iraq and Arabia for you and go towards India or Rome."

This speech made such an impact upon enemies that some of them started weeping. But the accursed Shimr thundered

"O son of Abu Turab ! Even if the whole world turned into water and if left to us we will not allow them to have a single drop of water unless they paid allegiance to Yazid."

Hazrat Abbas (A) returned towards the camp and narrated the dialogues to Imam Hussain (A) and saw the young children crying for water. He couldn't bear the pathetic plight of the children, he climbed on the horse, carried water bag on the shoulder and entered the battlefield. The four thousand soldiers encircled him and showered arrows on him. such a mammoth crowd could not daunt him.

He fearlessly sliced the waves of pouncing soldiers and moved ahead unhindered and unobstructed. The flag of Al-Hamd was fluttering above his head. It was difficult for the enemies to differentiate between him and Hazrat Ali (A) for his very style of attack, his expertise in duel and his dexterity in driving off the crowd was very much like Hazrat Alt (A). History cannot produce two warriors of such striking similarities in their inimitable feats of prowess as were Hazrat Ali (A) and Hazrat Abbas (A), why not for Abbas was after all son of Ali. Nobody could prove tenacious enough to face him for long and and with an incredible ease he led his horse into the river. He filled water in his cupped palm but soon was reminded of the thirst of Imam Husain(A) and his restless children and he threw off the water. He said :

"It is not my religion that I quench my thirst and Hussain and his children should remain thirsty."

He filled the water bag and turned his horse towards the camp. The multitude of fiendish soldiers again surrounded him. But even courage will exude pride in getting associated with him, he cleaned his path quite easily, opponents came one after the another and bit the dust in no time. While his horse was cantering towards the camp his sword was doing the needful, he was saying my life be sacrificed for Hussain, I am Abbas the 'water fetcher' he kept on moving ahead. Until Zaid bin Al- Reqaad Al-Jahni with the help of Hakim bin Tufail Al Nabsi surreptiously from behind a tree dealt a heavy blow on his right hand. The blow was so severe that his right was amputated.

He said: "By God though you would have severed my right hand still I will defend my religion and my Imam."

Just think that how much concerned he is for safeguarding Islam and Imam of the time despite his thirst, injuries amputated hand bathed in blood. The crowd of calamities and painful wounds could not dampen his spirits if at all he is worried then for his religion and for Imam (A) We wish that if we could be blessed with only a drop of such faithfulness and loyalty for our Imams (A).

Though his right hand was chopped but his bravery and valour was least affected. His earnest desire was to deliver water to Imam Hussain (A) and his children. As he was moving ahead Hakim bin Tufail again struck sword on his left hand deceptively from behind a tree and thus his left arm was also severed. When the enemies saw this they were encouraged they surrounded him from all sides and shot arrows. Abbas was all alone that too deprived of both the hands. How could he ward off the attack and how could he remove the arrows.

One arrow pierced the water bag and another penetrated into his heart. One wretched man hit chopper on his head which made a cleft in his head He collapsed and came on the ground it is not known how he would have touched the ground since he did not had hands to support while falling.

He called "My salaam to you O Abu Abdillah." Imam Hussain (A) came.

How did he come there by his will power or love of his brother brought him there it cannot be imagined .When Imam Hussain (A) reached at the site of Hazrat Abbas (A) he saw the blood smeared body of his beloved brother hands amputated badly bruised body and smothered head how would his eyes had seen such a scene and how would he had consoled himself ? Imam Hussain (A) said

"O Abbas, my spine has lost support and means of life reduced."

Imam Hussain (A) did not bring the corpse of Janabe Abbas to his camp perhaps because of his greatness so that he may have a separate shrine. The way he enjoyed a distinct position in the army of Imam Hussain (A) so he should have a distinction even in mausoleum . It may become the source of hope for the needy and ... their desires be fulfilled from here. That hordes and hordes of angels should descend for paying their tributes and visitation. A glance at the, grandeur of shrine is enough to envisage the greatness of his status on the day of Qiyamat.

When Imam Hussain (A) walked towards the camp he was sorrowful broken hearted and weeping profusely. He was wiping his tears from his sleeves and was saying

"Is there anybody who could help us ? Is there anybody to support us ? Is there any righteous man who could aid us ?"

When Imam Hussain (A) reached at his camp then Janabe Sakina and Janabe-Zainab came to him and inquired about the fate of Janabe Abbas (A) when Zainab heard of his martyrdom she cried aloud, the entire group of women followed her in weeping and wailing. Even Imam Hussain (A) was mourning at his brother.

Hazrat Ali Asgar (A)

Though the death of every companion of Imam Husain (A) grieved him but the martyrdom of Hazrat Abbas (A) left an indelible mark of sorrow on his heart. What a painful scene it was when Imam Husain (A) was left alone at the entrance of the tent, the corpse of the martyrs scattered everywhere, the voice of mourning of women was filling the air and as Imam Husain (A) expressed his call for help then their wailing reached its peak.

Sibt Ibn Jauzi writes in 'Tazkirat Al-Khwas' pg:-143:

When Imam Husain (A) heard the crying of an infant, he carried that child towards the soldiers and said:

'If you do not have mercy on me then at least feel pity for this infant.' "

But they all were heartless men no one was moved. Hurmula shot an arrow and the infant was slaughtered in the arms of his father. When Imam (A) saw this tears gushed forth from his eyes. He invoked God.

"O Lord decide between me and this nation. They invited us with faith and assurance for help rather they are killing us.''

There came a divine voice:

"O Hussain Bid farewell to this child, a midwife has been appointed for him in this paradise."

Imam Hussain (A) came down from his horse dug a grave from his sword and buried the blood-bathed corpse of Hazrat Ali Asghar (A)

After this began the sanguine spectacle of Imam Husain's (A) heroic martyrdom.