The Battlefield

1. The grave of Imam Hussain (A)
2. The grave of Abbas (A)
3. Habib bin Mazahir - Left Flank
4. Bani Hashim - Centre of Army
5. Zuhair bin Qayn - Right Flank
6. The tents of Ahlul-bayt (A)
7. The place of Hur bin Yazid al-Riyahi
8. The grave of Hur bin Yazid al-Riyahi
9. The road Kerbala - Kufa - Damascus
10. The Village of Ghadhiriyya
11. Bridge leading to Kufa
12. The hillock of Zainabiyya
13. The well dug by Abbas (A)
14. The trench surrounding the camp
15-19. The army of 'Umr bin Sa'd
20-28. The reserves of the army of Yazid
29. Shimr bin Dhil Jawshan with his army
30. The tent of (the accursed) Shimr
31. Hajjar bin Abjad with a large army
32. The tent of 'Umr bin Sa'd
33. The River Euphrates