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Tale of Hussain's Martyrdom

Part 19 - Epilogue

Eternity will, his name preserve,
A place of honour reserve (conserve)
In radiance, divine, glows his name,
Kindles the universe, the eternal flame.
Devilry tide, vehemently, surged.
To Hussain we owe, our piety do
Adore and love his chivalry too
perpetual, endless, boundless, same,
Glorious, for ever, prevail his fame.
Tempests, storms and gales, did blow,
This taper retained its divine glow,
Howled tornadoes, did hurricanes rush,
This eternal bloom they could not crush,
Forward, forward, on and on,
Kept on the move Hussain's caravan.
Hussain did achieve his basic aim,
(an eternal triumph, he could claim)
For the faith's (tomorrow), his (today) he gave,
Laid down his life, Islam did save.
With pride and love, his name we quote
Who, with his own blood, history wrote.
His deeds will (neglect) never meet.
Oblivion, his name will not greet.
This tale of endurance, hardihood
has the test of time well stood


(An Eternal Message From Kerbala)
No brutal force 'gainst truth can work
Truth will conquer, will not shirk.
'Tis the greatest dike, to hold back sin
The silencer, of the mundane din.
The spiritual health, it will restore
For moral wounds; 'tis a surest sure.
Truth will strengthen sickly souls
Plug, in the conscience, gaping holes.
Truth, is not an elusive ghost
'Tis, to the righteous, a constant host.
Truth, in its exalted mood
Is clearest mind's amplitude.
"Infinite" is there in every man
Immortalise "finite" it can.
Truth, doesn't perish at death
It does outlive the human breath.
Redeemed, through truth, all can be
XYZ and you and me.
Truth, being infinitely great
Both kings and beggars, upon it wait.
Truth, individuals and Nations, makes
An infinite joy in the task it takes
Glows the universe, with its beams
Sun and moon, are truth it seems.
if the human perception's doors are clean
In every beauty truth is seen
Truth is proud, to know so much
Its every move has wisdom's touch.

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